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By: Jamie Simpson
A wedding is the most important day in their life for most women and as a general rule, every detail of the ceremony and reception should be perfect. This requires guests, the best man and the groom to be suitably dressed for the occasion.

It is important to take note of any themes or instructions to make sure the suit fits in with the intended aesthetic. Traditionally a wedding suit will be a black jacket and trousers with a white shirt, however, due to modernisation there is now a vast array of colour choices available. Bearing in mind a wedding is a formal occasion where the focus is should be on the bride, something low key and stylish is recommended for example a black, grey or navy suit.

The range of materials available for suits for weddings is quite large and the one to choose is dependent upon your build and finances. The most practical material for most will be wool as it versatile and looks sophisticated. Depending on whether the wedding is held outside or inside may also dictate your choice of material. If inside, something light such as seersucker, poplin or cotton may be sufficient, however, these are more prone to wrinkling than other materials. If finances allow it, cashmere is considered a stylish choice which provides extreme comfort to the wearer.

There are also a wide variety of patterns to choose from, which generally comes down to personal preference. To a certain degree, suits for weddings should reflect the personality of the wearer, which can be personified by the choice of patterns. Herringbone or Houndstooth will provide a subtle pattern which is both low key and will generally provide a nice alternative to solid colours. Pinstriped and checked suits are generally considered to be a little less formal in contemporary society and would not generally be recommended, unless specifically dictated by the theme of the wedding.

Styles of suits for weddings are generally at the discretion of the wearer as skinny, slim fit or straight cut suits are dictated by a person's size. The general recommendation here would be to get a tailor to go through your measurements thoroughly and, based on these measurements, ask for advice on the recommended style. The correct fit will also ensure the suit can be worn comfortably so getting correct measurements taken is essential.

Finally, accessories can be important in completing the perfect look for a wedding. To match the formal expectations, either a cravat or a traditional long tie with a Windsor knot can be worn, depending on the style of the chosen suit. Shoes should be as narrow as possible and have a slightly pointed toe to compliment the suit. For a black or navy suit, black shoes should be worn, for a grey suit, medium brown shoes or black shoes. Other accessories include waistcoats, worn most commonly for old-fashioned or traditional weddings, cuff links which are generally recommended, and the use of a smart watch can complement the overall look of a suit.


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