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By: Timothy Capper
It has been a debate since the creation of online campaigns and marketing, are social media and online marketing the same or are they different? I'm here to share with you today the explanations why they are, in fact, though very similar, very different and versatile ways of advertising and marketing.

You may disagree with me at this point, but let me give you some evidence to back up my strong claim. Let me begin with an example: You and a friend have just started a business together and you are looking for ways to market your business and to get it out there so people know that your services or products are available.

Now you can choose to have ads cover the internet and scour every page that individuals go to with the use of online marketing or you can choose to do the same thing with social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, as well as you could create a Facebook or Twitter account that is all about your business and that describes it in detail to get the word out. Now you may be thinking that what I just explained sounds like the exact same thing, but it is not because of what social media entails.

If you are looking towards using social media to market your company then the social internet sites like Facebook and YouTube are not the only means that you would be spreading the word. Social Media covers TV commercials, billboards that you see while driving down the freeway and opportunities that aren't there with online marketing such as concert advertising for your business or musicals that display features of your company.

So the main big reason that most of the marketing done on the internet is so different and is classified separately from social media marketing in general is because the media sector involves so much more than what can only be done online. So if you are trying to advertise or promote a local business such as a company that mows lawns and takes care of waste, then even though you may want to have a website to let individuals know that you are there, you would mostly want to use social media to drive people to your business by using local TV stations to advertise or even a radio station or billboard out on the freeway that speaks to those that live in your area and give them the opportunity to solely learn about your business and what its purpose is.

Now, however, if you were a website such as Groupon, which is a daily deals site, which is all done online and over the internet then you would want to use a lot more online marketing because then you would get your main crowd, which is internet users, to know about your website and what you are trying to offer to all of your customers. So as you can see, although social media marketing and online marketing are very similar in some aspects, they are different categories and separate entities.


I will concede that social media companies will primarily deal with the online market, yet advertising companies of the traditional sense, do blend and merge both worlds together effectivly. Resourced
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