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By: Jeremy Rizal S

Part One | by Jeremy Rizal S.

Mary was dumped by her boyfriend. Everywhere that Mary went the gossip was sure to go. Her work mates were of no help whatsoever. When she got within hearing distance of them, they'd pretend to be nice to her. And he was tired of hearing the same old phrase over and over...

"Don't worry girl, there's lots of other fish in the sea..."

The day dragged on and on. The paperwork was unrelenting. The boss was a pain, the stupid secretary kept staring at her, the jerk in the next cubicle was already trying to ask her out, the copier was messed up because someone had photocopied his butt as a prank... one of the major reasons why office copiers quit working. Mary was annoyed!

Finally the workday was over! She went home, locked herself in the house, ripped the phone cord out of the wall, and isolated herself from the rest of the world, sinking deeper into the Sea of Self-Pity. "Who cares about the other fish? I want the one that got away!" she muttered to herself. All that wasted time, the waiting for the right fish to come. Waiting and baiting, luring and scoring...

...And then the yanking away! Another trophy fish... Gone.

She grabbed her diary and pen from under her bed and made herself as comfortable as possible. She jotted her thoughts...

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