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By: Patricia Strasser
Organic medicines to treat Lyme illness include cat's claw, echinacea and also ginseng, kudzu, lentinan, licorice, maitake, red clover, scutelleria, Siberian ginseng, and St. John's wort.

Lyme ailment can be a very annoying disease and can also be devastating especially when left untreated. Physicians would just need to prescribe a Lyme disease victim with antibiotics. But one can also accelerate recovery from this disease by taking certain effective organic medications along with a physician's prescription.

Cat's claw

Cat's claw has the power to give the immune system a boost, therefore, it has long been used as a traditional treatment. Consume 2,000 mg of this organic medicine everyday. However, do not use this specific herb if you're pregnant or nursing.

Echinacea and ginseng

Consuming together both echinacea and ginseng strengthen each other's outcomes. They function by increasing the capability of the body's natural killer cells in fighting the damaging microorganisms such as bacteria and viruses in the body. Not only is the main infection treated, but also those which may occur later on. Just take the Echinacea tincture based on the instructions printed on its label. And drink ginseng tea by letting a teaspoon seep in a cup of warm water. Drink a single cup everyday. While you have to take the Echinacea in accordance with the instructions on the label and ginseng each day, you don't need to take them both together at the same time. Nonetheless, you cannot take this type of organic medication if you've lupus, rheumatoid arthritis symptoms or other autoimmune illnesses. Kudzu Kudzu can relieve muscle stiffness on the neck and face which results from having chronic Lyme disease. Take ten milligrams of this kind of herb thrice each day.


This specific herb has the ability to alleviate fever and tiredness and also activate the T-helper skin cells. These T-helper cells are the cells of the defense system that eradicate the dangerous bacteria and viruses in the body. Determine from a doctor the dose of the powder type of this herb.


Licorice effectively blocks neurologic effects from getting worse, as well as enhance emotions of fatigability. Take 800 milligrams of glycyrrhizin tablets each day for six weeks with fourteen days off between every cycle. But avoid this herbal medicine if you've high blood pressure, glaucoma, and diseases related to estrogen hormones including breast cancer, fibrocystic breasts or endometriosis.


This kind of herb can stimulate the function of the immune system and thus relieve the infection. Take this natural herb 3 times each day at 500 milligram dosage every tablet.

Red clover

Red clover is known to be highly efficient in cleaning the blood of the infection. Follow the instructions in taking the extract according to what's written on the label.


Scutteleria is a commonly-used herb in the process of conventional Chinese medicine because of its capability to destroy viruses and bacteria effectively. Take in 2,000 mg of this herbal medication thrice per day. But if you're presently experiencing diarrhea, hold off taking this medicine until regular bowel motions return.

Siberian ginseng

Siberian ginseng enhances the stressed feelings and the function of the defense system. Take the correct dose according to the guidelines on the label.

St. John's wort

This specific herb also has the ability to enhance mental stress, and also relieve any irritation which may be present. Consume 900 mgs of this herb every day.

It is important that you get clearance from a licensed physician first prior to taking any of these herbal medications.


Written by Patricia Strasser. Find out more about chronic Lyme disease at
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