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By: Robert Nickel
Well worth a visit, the Riviera Maya may be one of the most lovely spots in all of Mexico. There is of course, the beautiful scenery of the land and sea areas but also amazing ruins of Mayan cities to delve into, and cenotes, reefs and jungle to navigate. Although there are many wonderful reasons to visit the Riviera Maya, there are some even more immediate reasons to visit today.

First of all, the summer months are the slow season in Mexico. Cancun is awash in visitors between November and March, so you shouldn't be surprised to meet your Aunt Ruthie there. From May to October the resorts are fairly slow, and since it's the off-season prices are lower! Plus, the beaches are not overcrowded and weather is still fabulous! In business to get your adrenaline pumping, all the adventure parks are open and ready to thrill. At this time of year, guided tours of the cenotes, and guided dives of the coral reefs are still available. The food is wonderful all year long. And the Mayan ruins certainly aren't going anywhere.

The reason that sets the region apart from every other vacation spot in the Americas, and second on our list of arguments to head to the Riviera Maya between May and October, is this: it is turtle nesting and hatching season. Visitors can get a perfect view of the laying of eggs and hatching of turtles, at the Mayan Adventure and Turtle Conservation and Education Center, where turtles can go about their business in a safe, hospitable environment.. It's impossible to forget the experience of watching sea turtles further their species as they are ancient and gentle creatures.

Whale sharks are the third great reason to visit between July and September. A member of the shark family, whale sharks aren't actually whales in any sense of the word, but are actually the world's largest fish. They feed on plankton exclusively, and are extremely docile. There are just a few places on earth where it is possible to interact with Whale sharks, and the Riviera Maya is one of them.

Do you really need any more motivation for booking your time on the Yucatan Peninsula for the coming summer months? Cheaper accommodations, less crowded beaches and resorts, hatching turtle eggs and Whale shark season! Traveling to Mexico at any other time of year seems so much less enticing now, doesn't it?

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