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By: Classy
Article - Classy


I got an instant message from a woman that we will just refer to as "D" telling me that she was having trouble with her computer and that my wife had mentioned to her that I may be able to help. Most guys would be pissed that someone would volunteer them without out talking about it first, but I trust my wife's judgment and never question her actions in such events. In many cases when my wife asks me to help one of her friends I do not need to know how or why and I get the job done as if I were getting paid to do it. Sick huh!

Anyway "D" and my wife talk often and she is very aware of my other websites. (adult) so of course the conversation leans in that direction. I was trying to help "D" understand what drives us to be so addicted to our fetishes and to my surprise it would seem I had met my match. Turns out that I under estimated "D" and she gave me a perspective that I had never even thought of.

I was trying to point out why a guy loves a short skirt, why legs attract attention, why a voyeur gazes relentlessly at the hem of a women's dress and also why nothing is wrong with it. I told her about the game we play where we try to get caught looking at a woman's thighs in hopes that she may play along and part them slightly while at the same time giving us a discreet smirk.

I told her that it's not about the size or shape of the woman, but more about the time she took to make herself beautiful and sexy and now she is on display for guys like us to enjoy as we pass her ever so quickly on the city streets.

I told her that the excitement for a voyeur is not what he sees, it is the fact that he is not supposed to see it. I explained that when a guy is caught looking at a woman’s legs and with out warning the view gets better with the help of a slow "leg cross" or knees drifting apart or maybe even the all too famous "squat down and dig in your bag" move that the thrill is the more so about the unspoken sexual encounter you shared with your subject rather than seeing the soft cotton or silk panties she shared with you.

Turns out that "D" is a little smarter than I am and I was over explaining myself. She hit me back with her little fetish. You see, men are selfish sometimes and treat women as though they are in place only to entertain us. I agree that this is an awesome perspective on why females exist, but let me drop the hammer here and now. It turns out that "D" has a thing for Men in "pressed perfect" suits! No way! I also did a little more digging after this and with the help of google and some other female friends I found out that many women have this little secret and some even go on to love "men in uniforms"

Just as we share stories about a great pair of legs we saw on the bus, "D" went at far as to tell me about an experience she had watching a man buy clothes at a popular Men'sware store. How she not only helped herself to some really hot visuals but also approached her subject and helped him pick out and purchase 5 suits which he gladly modeled for her.

"D" You Sly Dog, You!

So be careful when you guys head out to girl watch. The tables could turn at any second and the hunter may end up being the hunted!

PS: We never did solve the computer problem.

Classy - 2005


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