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By: Damon Za
According to Diode Digital report, online video is 600% more effective than other communication channels which speak for itself that video is the best way to engage customers.

Developing professional marketing and training video production is a professionalís job so deciding which of the video production companies in NYC to trust is an important decision when planning your marketing efforts. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when itís time to hire a video production company that can deliver results for your business video needs :

1. Clients and Reviews

Ask for their portfolio. It should be accompanied with video samples, testimonials, and positive reviews.

Look for an organization that is focused on customer service, has a reputation for being professional, and has a history of completing similar marketing and training video types of corporate video productions. This will ensure that they are familiar with working with businesses like yours and will understand your needs for a successful project.

2. Relevant Experience

While a video production company might have the capability to make a video for any industry, you need to ensure the production team has done projects which had similar creative requirements and budgetary constraints like yours. If the company has worked on similar projects, they would have a better understanding of your business requirements and work accordingly. Additionally, look for a firm with a wide breath of experience as that will let you know that they are adaptable, and can understand the nuances of various organizations to help them efficiently and effectively develop video content.

3. Get Multiple Quotes

Check quotes from several video production studios to identify the pricing trend in the market. It can be a time-consuming process but worth it. Look for an organization that fully understands and explains the video production process; the pricing for creative work varies widely and once you understand what the video production company is providing you can best determine the right partner for the project.

Donít hire the video production studio offering the lowest quote though. You need to check the quality of their past projects, review how they handle the variables that come with production, and select the studio that offers the best value for your money.

Further, if you can find an experienced firm that offers a flat-rate solution that will provide you with peace of mind as you go through the video production process and ensure that you donít get nickel and dimed or have sticker project at the conclusion of the production process.

4. Location and Facilities

Some video production companies in NYC might have a fancy looking website but they might not have the good infrastructure (studio and equipment) to deliver quality work. Very small video production companies might not have resources to attract the best talent or good infrastructure.

Look for a firm that is agile and flexible - that can meet your needs - and not just apply a cookie cutter solution to producing your corporate video production.

5. The Creative Team

Lastly, the creative team is as important as the infrastructure. You will need to spend a considerable amount of time collaborating with the team working on your project. You should be able to relate to them and both parties should be able to communicate their ideas and viewpoints freely.

Creative teams in organizations have specific profiles that tell you about their skills and lot about the tone, style and production values of their work. Look for a team that you can easily work with and that has a pleasant manner and is responsive to your needs.

The tips given above will help you select the right company from long list of video production companies in NYC. It is necessary the video production company you select truly understands your requirements for a successful corporate video production.

Do you have a helpful tip for selecting the right corporate video production company? Feel free to share.

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