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By: Damon Za
SEO is one of the most important things to include in your digital marketing strategies and almost every business organization does it today. The long term benefits it offers includes increased visibility on search engines like Google, increased relevance to the user, better returns than search ads and a competitive edge over your competitors. One cannot afford to ignore the importance of search and not optimize their website to be indexed higher in the search results.

Rather than a financial investment, SEO is an investment of efforts, time and patience. You can either do it in-house or outsource it to an SEO agency which has experience, skills and expertise. If you are planning to hire a digital marketing agency or an SEO agency to optimize your website, this article is for you. In this article we will discuss the questions you must be asking Sugarland SEO services and things to expect from them.

1. Realistic Assurances

It is a well-established fact that SEO takes a lot of time and efforts. However, few agencies in order to lure in customers, exaggerate their promises and give brand false hopes and information about SEO. You should be skeptical of a Sugarland SEO agency that will promise to make your website appear on the first page of search engine results within a short period of time like 3 months. If you are starting from scratch and have a lot of competition to tackle, it takes a lot of time and effort to reach the first page.

2. White Hat Techniques

Though malpractices and illegitimate efforts to tamper with SEO have reduced, there are many agencies which still follow a lot of black hat techniques like keyword stuffing, falsified landing pages, etc. They do this to achieve their targets quicker but forget to remember the fact that Google can identify these techniques and blacklist their client websites. You should always expect a Sugarland SEO agency to follow only white hat techniques which are organic, content driven and relevant. Being blacklisted only worsens your chances of reaching a higher position in the SERP. If you are not delivering value to your visitor and using him/her as bait to record false impressions and clicks, you are also tarnishing your brand image.

3. Intermediate Reports

Though SEO takes longer than search ads to record impressions and clicks to drive traffic and increase visibility, an ideal Sugarland SEO agency will send you intermediate reports to brief about the progress made. SEO is a continuous routine that guarantees results that progress. If you are aware of things like increased page visits, longer page views, lesser bounce rates, etc., you will be able to make necessary changes in your strategy to leverage the benefits. The agency will also have a realistic estimate of its success or failure and plan accordingly to keep the increase in traffic and consistent visibility.

Apart from the mentioned, you should expect a Sugarland SEO agency to have a strong list of previous clients, legitimate customer testimonials and experience in the industry to justify its competency.

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