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By: Bryson Kaleb
Steel tubes are chiefly made from the mixture of aluminum, titanium, manganese, and tungsten that makes them extremely tough, hardwearing, and resilient. They are one of the largest applied elements in the global industry including domestic place to business arena, industrial applications, engineering, construction, transport, aircraft and more. Among the variety of products, round, oval, square and rectangular steel tubing are top demanding in industries. With advanced technological base, these days, welded tubes are made with great withstanding ability to extreme temperature, pressure, and hard-hitting production process, even better than seamless tubes. Some of the major segments that use steel tubes include:

Home Appliances

When it comes to your domestic area, rectangular steel tubing is employed in a variety of home segment applications. Just think about your garden tools that you use in the morning from shovel, weed whacker, snow shovel, fence, and other tools, which uses varieties of steel tubing. Equally, they are especially used for water filtration, home heating, refrigerator, water piping, gas distribution pipes and more.

Construction/ Architecture

Ranging from round, oval to rectangular steel tubing is widely used in the building construction segment from preparing edifice to structural designs of home and commercial complexes. With the high aesthetic look and toughness, millions of designers prefer using them in architectural applications like in preparing railings, stairways and other places. In decorative ceiling, roofing, and exterior walling, they are also in great demand.

Automobile/ Transport Industry

The global automobile industry has observed wide employment of rectangular steel tubing to craft auto internal parts including suspension tube, fuel pipe, vehicle controlling system and different other sections. Bend tubes are also required for muffler components, exhaust piping and for fabrication of other body parts. In transportation area, from trucks to planes and trains to other modes require use of steel tubing for safe movement of liquid and gases between fuel pipeline and engine.

Industrial Production and Applications

Rectangular steel tubing is employed extensively in a variety of industrial applications. Given than, fluid transport is an essential requisite in industrial production process; you can find vast use of RST for effective transporting of water to gas and liquid waste to chemical containers and other industrial items. Unsurprisingly, when it comes to industrial production process, highly enduring rectangular tubing is used in creation phase, hydraulic lifts, and conveyor belts and works integrated with other machineries.

Aerospace, Aircraft and Defense Services

Industries like Aerospace, Aircraft and Defense services are the major three segments where round to rectangular steel tubing of different specifications are used. The high resistive tough alloy pipes are also used in space stations and satellites in large-scale applications, which include fluid movements. Whichever components and structures are used in space, they typically need to be more resilient than that of earth. Aircraft and military services also require tubular components made of enduring steel tubing capable to sustain stressful application conditions.

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