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By: Minerva Murzyn
Microsoft Exchange is one of the most used email systems all around the world and you can either host all the data using your own server or host with the help of an exchange hosting provider. There are many benefits of using exchange hosting solutions, cost cutting being the most important one. Here are a few benefits of exchange hosting services:

● Hosting your own server has a lot of expenses to bear starting from the initial investment to the maintenance expenses during the course of time.

● You need a dedicated IT team to look after the server you are hosting on your abilities. However, when you are using exchange hosting, all the maintenance will be done by the service provider.

● 100% uptime and security is guaranteed by the service providers ensuring that you donít lose out on any of your emails or compromise with your confidential data.

If you have already decided to go with exchange hosting solutions, you should be aware of both dedicated and shared exchange hosting solutions. This article will highlight the benefits of dedicated exchange hosting for better results.

1. Additional Flexibility

When you are going for a dedicated solution, you are reserving the entire server for the management of your companyís email data. Thus it is easy to be flexible with your requirements and accommodate them without any hassle. It is virtually having a server of your own but asking someone else to host and look after its maintenance.

2. Larger Mailboxes

As and when companies grow their requirement increases too. Emails are no exception to this and with time you need space in your inbox to accommodate the new incoming messages and also the existing mail archive. With dedicated exchange hosting you donít have to worry about flooded inboxes or shortage of space for new mails.

3. 100% Uptime

When you go for a shared exchange hosting, you are sharing the server with several other companies that are equally consuming the serverís resource like you do. In situations like these, chances of server breakdowns are expected and you cannot risk a server outage and lose your emails. When you go for a dedicated exchange hosting, you are reserving an entire server for your use and thus have 100% uptime.

4. Unlimited

When you have a dedicated exchange hosting you get an unlimited mailbox and you can register an unlimited number of users. Thus, you donít have to worry about falling short of resources when your company expands and your requirement increases.

5. Added Benefits

Along with the dedicated exchange hosting, the email service providers also offer many other benefits like email filtering and email archiving. You can make use of these services to avoid spam and keep your information safe. offers a wide range of email protection and security services including secure email archiving, encryption, continuity, email shadowing, inbound and outbound filtering, POP email hosting, hosted exchange ( ), etc.for enterprises, small business, government and educational institutions worldwide. To learn more, visit
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