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By: Cameron Melvin
With natural softness and bendiness, a good advantage of using cadmium is their ease of electro-deposition on varieties of metals such as soft iron, cast iron, steel, copper, brass, and aluminum. Secondly, with extremely stable physical characteristic they work efficiently being ‘sacrificial coating’ over metals and resist them from oxidation, rusting and deterioration.

This uniqueness has made metal plating with cadmium increasing popular in industries where exposure to environmental issues and damages is widespread. Layering them with chromate can produce gold like finishing making them demanding in decorative business. Because of their noxious nature, industries use cad-plating items complying with all safety regulations, high diligence, and care.

Great Advantage of Cadmium Plating

 Dedicatedly Anti-Corrosive

The intensive resistive feature of cadmium plating makes them a unequaled choice to manufacturers involved in producing nuts, screws, bolts, fasteners, and components. Typically, they are majorly used in machineries employed by aerospace, mining, shipping, defense, and electrical with a view to get hardwearing machine spares. Given that, activities related to shipping, offshore industries, aviation and military counteract maximum contact to adverse ecological issues counting air, water, and sun with extreme climate. Which is why; they typically go for heavy-duty elements plated with cadmium.

 Adhesiveness

When it comes to electroplating, adhesive characteristic is especially demanding in widespread applications. With greater adhesive attribute, cadmium plated elements can be effectively used in complex casing and structures used in aircraft or shipbuilding, engineering and others. With higher adhesiveness, once metal surfaces are plated with cad, they found suitable to solder with various components, framing etc, which is a vital need in engineering works, apart from aircraft uses and in electronics activities.

 Aesthetic Value

Cadmium plated and finished items can be turned into golden color aside from olive green, black and shiny whitish dye. The ability to add greater aesthetic and sheen to components also make them widely popular in decorative industry and producers of home appliances.

 Greater Lubricity

Another great feature of cadmium plating is, it adds enhanced lubricity that makes them popular choice in activities that require rotating parts of machineries for easy and effective functioning. In course of rotation, natural friction is obvious that cause opposition amid objects. The frictional galling affect hinders smooth function, which can be effectively avoided with machinery parts and elements when plated with cadmium. In comparison to zinc, cadmium has the capability to keep hold of its natural look longer and better while employed in seashore areas, industrial atmosphere, and harsh climates.


Apart from the above advantages, cadmium plated metal surfaces enjoy higher conductivity, low electrical resistance while boast friendliness to get galvanized with aluminum and paint base. They have high resisting ability to stop growth of mold or bacteria too. is one of the leading metal finishing companies offering services including type I, II & III anodizing, CARC painting, passivation, Swiss machining, cadmium plating ( ), copper plating, gold plating, silver plating, tin plating, zinc electroplating, etc. To know more, visit
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