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By: Mason Dexter
Being a first-time parent is a joyous yet overwhelming situation for most couples. Welcoming a new member into the family comes with a lot of responsibilities, the transition into which often takes a good duration of time. Pediatricians in Gaithersburg, MD offer the following tips to couples who are expecting their first child or have just welcomed home their first bundle of joy.

Begin the search for your pediatrician well in advance

While pediatricians treat babies, narrowing down on the right doctor need not wait until your last trimester or delivery. In fact, the second trimester is a good time to begin searching for your baby’s doctor. Friends and family can be a good start to see who’s recommended in your locality or community. Selecting the pediatric well in advance lets you familiarize yourself with the doctor better and evaluate the treatment philosophy for a good match. It also lets you have an open communication with the doctor about any concerns that you have.

Prepare for your pediatric visit

Once the baby is born, the first visit to the pediatric is done at one week if the baby is being breastfed. Bottle-fed babies usually have their appointments at two weeks. The purpose of such a visit is to ensure that the little one is gaining healthy weight and that he/she is growing appropriately. Also, it is important that as new parents, you share details about the baby, especially concerns, with your doctor. It is also a good practice to ask questions and to be prepared with them before you visit your pediatrician. Many couples shy away from this because they don’t want to ask ‘dumb’ questions to the doctor, but it is equally important to understand that every baby is different, and even the slightest of worries, when shared with your doctor, can not only help ease worries, but also eliminate any problems that can aggravate in due course.

Know when to seek help

It is usual for infants to cry a lot, but when the fussing happens to point where you cannot control them, it’s a good time to get the doctor’s help. This could be due underlying condition like fever. Pediatricians in Gaithersburg, MD explain that new parents need to pay attention to their baby’s temperature - anything above 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit is considered a fever in infants. It could also be due to an uneasiness of some other kind. The baby’s immune system is just developing in the first few months, so it is important to limit the visitors to your home, and to keep them away from family members who have cold or flu.

Learn as you go

Every child is different. For this reason, it is important to accept the fact that it is ok to learn as you go. Another important fact to acknowledge is that every parent makes mistakes, and that shouldn’t deter you from performing your duties, neither should you feel disheartened. As long as you love your child and have a healthy relationship with them, things will be fine.

White Oak Pediatrics is a pediatric clinic based in Silver Spring and Gaithersburg, MD ( ) whose team of board certified pediatricians and nurse practitioners treat infants, toddlers, teens and adolescents. To learn more, visit
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