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By: Cameron Melvin
Production and manufacturing, government, transportation, infrastructure and utilities are the industries which are heavily impacted due to corrosion. Zinc electroplating is a process which is used to protect the metals and materials against the force of corrosion. It involves a thin coating of zinc metal on the surface or another metal known as a substrate. With the process of plating, there is a creation of a physical barrier which will prevent rust from reaching into the metal surface and will reduce the impact of corrosion. It is also referred to as a corrosion-prevention workhorse. Majority zinc metal is used for galvanization which helps protect metals against rust.

The biggest benefit of zinc electroplating is that it will increase the corrosion resistance of the underlying substrate. It is easy to understand how it works. Zinc serves the metal as a sacrificial coating and the coating will corrode in place of the metal substrate. Hence, the metal will remain protected and the plating in the form of zinc will corrode due to natural and environmental changes. Zinc also reacts with oxygen present in the atmosphere to form zinc oxide which reacts with water and produces a thin layer of zinc carbonate. This zinc carbonate helps provide a higher protection from corrosion.

Electroplating is the most functional application for metals. Every manufacturer takes necessary steps to protect their products from corrosion. It improves the quality and durability of the product. Apart from cadmium plating, zinc plating is a widely preferred alternative since zinc is a natural substance that is easily available. There are different methods of applying the coating on a product and it varies in terms of the size and type of product. The main purpose served by zinc plating is to ensure that there is no corrosion of the metal. Additionally, it also adds to the complete look and finish of the product. Zinc electroplating gives a unique finish to the product which makes it look glossy and attractive. Consumers are always on the lookout for quality products that are long lasting and highly durable. With the use of latest technology and alternative methods that help reduce the effect of corrosion, it is now possible for the manufacturers to offer only the best to the consumers. There are different types of processes available which need to be considered in order to determine the one that is best suited for the type of product to be plated and the industry in which the business operates. is one of the leading metal finishing companies offering services including type I, II & III anodizing, CARC painting, passivation, Swiss machining, cadmium plating, copper plating, gold plating, silver plating, tin plating, zinc electroplating ( ), etc. To know more, visit
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