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By: Mason Dexter
The philosophy of ancient Chinese medicine states that human ailments are typically caused due to the lack of balance of vital energies needed for one’s absolute wellbeing. Acupuncture is one of the most respected Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), which has been focused on restoring the needed energy balance to promote the healing process.

Erectile Dysfunction and Acupuncture

When it comes to erectile dysfunction, it can be said that the inability in men to attain an erection up to the desired level for having a satisfying sexual intercourse is a situation where the blood flow in the penis is compromised. An erection is typically the consequence of enhanced flow of blood to the penis that occurs during an arousal. While tissues in the penis stay in rest, on arousal, blood flow automatically increases in the penis muscles making it hard and erect. Any interference in the increased blood gush leads to erectile dysfunction.

This otherwise indicates, the extent of physical and mental shape that a man needs to have an erection, is not in balance. This demands you to contact acupuncture clinic in Houston, where devoted acupuncturists help reinstate stability of your body's 14 fundamental energy tracks by stimulation and arousal of nerves. Aside from chronic health ailments, unhealthy lifestyle; the psychological grounds for ED including anxiety, fatigue, stress, depression, or panic can be handled fantastically through acupuncture needling.

In order to address erection dysfunction, acupuncture needles are specially placed down the back, either part of the spinal cord and on the extremities. Depending on the acuity and necessity, acupunctures employ Chinese herbal therapeutic like ginseng, in combination with acupuncture treatment. The treatment process of ED is likely to be carried once a week and continue for 10-20 weeks, based on the harshness of the problem.

Does Acupuncture in ED Really Work?

A very important and highly controversial question is whether acupuncture can really treat ED or not. So long, your erection problem is linked with psychological issues, be it anxiety, stress, occupational workload or depressive disorder, i.e. anything pertaining to lack of mental form, acupuncture clinic in Houston can simply make wonder (The success rate is report to be more than 70%).

However, if the root cause is something else, such as chronic health ailments, side effect of medication, drug abuse or alcohol intake, it should be your foremost step to eliminate the core area initially. As you should share the correct information with the acupuncture team, you can visit a doctor and get guidance for needed lifestyle changes, ways to quitting alcohol and smoking. The treatment can continue in conjunction and can bring gradual but steady result of your ED issue with your lifestyle changes. is a natural health clinic in Houston specializing in acupuncture ( ), Chinese herbal medicine, alternative medicine, and traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). The wellness center is providing treatment for patients suffering from stroke, neck and shoulder pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow, sexual dysfunctions and infertility for both men and women. To know more, visit
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