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By: Mason Dexter
A doctor who has studied and has specialization in child and newborn health-care is called a pediatrician. It is overwhelming for parents if they are able to find the “right one” for their kids. Children and their doctor must have a good rapport and connection so that the doctor is able to identify health-related problems within kids and they are aware of the medicines and treatment that suits their little patients.

Some parents prefer only board-certified doctors. These doctors have written and cleared rigorous and tough exams along with their medical science college studies.

The Need for a Pediatrician

Since the pediatrician is a specialized doctor in child health care, it is advisable to visit a child specialist for the treatment of newborns, toddlers or children. However, some parents choose their family doctor over a pediatrician as they are aware of all the family medical history.

It so overwhelming for any parent to have a healthy baby. However, it really becomes difficult for parents when their children fall sick or get hurt. When kids are grown up, they are able to inform their exact problem and painful areas to the doctor and parents. But new-born babies and toddlers are not able to communicate and are not able to describe their illness and pain. At this stage, parents need to make a prompt decision that when they quickly need to visit a doctor.

Let us discuss the probable situations when your child needs immediate attention of the doctor.

1. Ear Pain/Infections: Pain and fungal or any other infection in children are very common. It may occur suddenly and may give an acute pain to the child. If the child shows some symptoms of pain in the ears and is touching one ear continuously, then you should visit the pediatrician urgently.

2. Doubts about a fracture in bones: Grade schoolers or older kids have a natural curiosity to explore things. They also have the immense energy to jump, run faster or play. In this age, kids might hurt them and if the wounds are painful, or there is huge swelling around the wounded area then it is advisable to visit the doctor as it may be a hairline or major fracture.

3. Burns, currents and wounds: Since children are not aware of the high risks involved if they play around the fire or hot appliances. Usually, kids, out of playfulness hurt themselves or may get burnt. After providing the immediate treatment, parents should visit their pediatrician for further treatment.

4. Acute fever and cold: Coughs, colds and mild fever are some general illness which can be taken care of at home. But if there is a constant rise in temperature or there have been multiple days since the child is suffering from cold and fever, then parents should consult their pediatrician and take his advice on the same.

5. Allergies and asthma: If a child shows continues symptoms of running/itchy nose, sneezing for a particular reason. Or allergies may also cause skin rashes on the full body. Skin allergies, asthma or some other allergies needs immediate attention of a doctor. At times it may not be a serious one but taking advice for the same from an expert is always advisable.

What can you expect from your pediatrician

1. A pediatrician would take complete care of your child health and vaccines.

2. He/she would keep a track of child’s growth in terms of weight, height, overall development, behavioral issues etc. he/she would in some time understand what medicines and line of treatment are suitable for your child.

3. A doctor would educate parents from time to time about nutrients and food to be provided to the child for his good growth.

4. A pediatrician would suggest a specialist doctor if required for some treatment.

5. The doctor should respond well in time to the emails and calls.

White Oak Pediatrics is a pediatric clinic based in Silver Spring and Gaithersburg, MD ( ) whose team of board certified pediatricians and nurse practitioners treat infants, toddlers, teens and adolescents. To learn more, visit
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