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By: Bryson Kaleb
Grease trap is a FOG management system that prevents fats, oils, and grease from entering into the city’s drainage and wastewater treatment plants. Huge kitchens of restaurants, cafes, schools, hospitals, bars, and hotels frequently produce a huge volume of wastewater that contains a lot of oil and grease. This causes accumulation on the walls of the pipes causing blockage and clogging disturbing the whole system and the process. Commercial grease trap cleaning is therefore as important as having the system itself. The government in many countries has made this as a compulsory measure for the major commercial kitchens, and they are even penalized if found not adhering to the norms or not meeting the set standards of working.

The grease traps are often located underground near the building and hence are installed, maintained and cleaned by the certified professionals who are trained for the same. The team inspects the site and the system to find out the estimated frequency of commercial grease trap cleaning. The estimation depends upon the frequency of the waste production. Water is pumped out from the grease trap and FOG accumulation id removed. Some of the grease and oil make it through the filters and hence bacteria additive is used to break down that unnatural and unwanted material from reaching the water management plant. The team also keeps a log of the maintenance so that the owner/user of the site can make sure the grease trap is being maintained properly.

While all the maintenance and regular cleaning are done by the service providers, there are certain factors that can be taken care of by the users that can prevent many unwanted things from reaching the grease trap. Things like dental floss, body wipes, paper towels, earbuds, and female hygiene products should not be flushed in the toilet. Hot water bathtubs and dishwashers should not be attached to the grease trap. If they are attached, then the water should be drained after being cooled down. Chemicals like car grease, paint, polish, and bleach, and drain cleaners should not be attached to the grease trap.

Commercial grease trap cleaning is not only good for the environment or a mandate from the regulating authority but it also beneficial for the business, because if the grease trap is blocked or clogged, it can also cause blockage of the other system of the property causing inconvenience to the staff and the visitors. Also, if grease trap of a hospital or a health center breakdown it may prove harmful for the patients. The cost of repair that is required after the system failure is much higher than the cost of the regular maintenance and the cleaning. If a system failure happens at a restaurant, hotel, or the bar during the season time, it may cause a heavy loss to the system.

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