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By: Bryson Kaleb
Septic tank pumping and cleaning are crucial at some of the time if you have one in your premises. With regular cleaning and maintenance, it is possible to avoid expensive problems that can erupt later in septic systems. Generally, a septic tank needs cleaning every two to three years. However, this timeline is subject to variation according to usage and the number of occupants in a home.

There are many reasons that lead to septic tank failure. Habits that include flushing down solid materials such as baby wipes, sanitary napkins, and other products can cause blockage in the septic tank. Tree roots can also cause blockages of the pipes in sewer systems. Therefore, it is important to ensure that there are fewer trees near the septic system. Although most of the septic tank problems are easy to avoid with regular maintenance and pumping, some issues are unavoidable.

How Do You Know When a Septic Tank Needs Cleaning?

An overflowing septic tank is one of the worst problems you could encounter, and it is not something that you would want to overlook. It is time to call in the professionals if you notice any of these signs or symptoms.

Slow Drains

Extremely slow bathtub drains, sink drains, and toilet flushes is an obvious sign that there is a fault with the septic tank. In most cases, products to unclog the drains seldom work when your septic tank is full. It is therefore very essential to call in the professionals to pump and clean the septic tank as quickly as possible.

Bad Odor

One of the most significant signs that you can seldom avoid is the awful odor that emancipates from the septic tank. If you notice a bad odor from drains, toilets and septic tank, it is time to call a professional septic tank pumping company. It is a sign that shows septic tank blockage and that it needs immediate attention.

Sewage backup

If wastewater is backing up in your kitchen sink, bathtubs, toilets, it is high time to call professional septic tank pumping service providers. It is important to remember-major sewage backups can be messy and unhealthy, never try to clean the mess yourself. It can be harmful to health, so call a specialist immediately.

Pooling water

If there are no rains and water pools around your septic tank, it is never a good sign. This happens when there is a leak in the septic tank. An unusually green or plush area in your backyard, around the area of the tank, is an obvious indication of overflowing sewage water. This is a sure sign to call expert septic tank cleaning services without any delay.

Septic tank failure can cause various health hazards, so it is important to take proactive measures to avoid such issues. Regular inspection and maintenance of septic tanks can help you avoid unwanted stress and solve major problems related to septic tank systems.

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