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By: Bryson Kaleb
When you are running a commercial business, you learn quickly that good maintenance habits can result in a lot of savings over time; proper maintenance is far cheaper than emergency repairs or catastrophic failures. If you are running a business that uses commercial grade dryers, then keeping your dryer vents clean becomes very important; clogged vents can cause a lot of issues and damage over time. So why should you depend on professionals for commercial dryer vent cleaning?

Proper Maintenance Saves Money and Time

Prevention is the best method of dealing with potential issues that can come up with your commercial dryers and their vents. If you are running a large number of commercial dryers, such as those you may find in a laundromat or an industrial level fabric cleaning facility, you know how much lint can build up over time.

Lint within dryer vents is trouble waiting to happen. Lint is highly flammable, and if your dryer vents are getting clogged from it, any little spark can suddenly cause it to go up in flames and burn out your entire business quickly, causing millions in damages to both your equipment and your building.

Beyond the fire risk, though, dirty dryer vents are also well-known burners of energy and money. As vents get fuller, your dryers will have to work harder in order to blow the hot air out of the building, and that means they are taking longer to finish their cycles, draining more energy, and costing you in electricity or gas. The added strain of running longer cycles and working hard to push out air also reduces the life cycle of your dryers, meaning they will need maintenance and repairs more often as well.

By bringing in a professional commercial dryer vent cleaning, you can save on costs later on that could result from broken down machinery, or even outbreaks of fires.

Preventing Odors

As your commercial dryer vents start to get dirty, you will start to notice that odors get worse. Without proper ventilation, the odors from fabrics being dried will stop being pushed outside as much, and instead will linger inside the building. As well, if the build-up is getting really bad, you may start to smell a burning smell as lint gets dangerously hot in the vents near the dryers.

Hiring a Professional for Peace of Mine

Hiring a professional for your commercial dryer vent cleaning has not just the benefit of ensuring a thorough cleaning of your duct system, but they can also identify potential issues before they become a problem. This can include suggesting more frequent vent cleanings to keep up with your demands, or repairing ducts that have gotten damaged over time, or rerouting ducts that were installed improperly.

If you are unsure of the last time you got your commercial dryer vents cleaned, then it is time to consider hiring a professional cleaning service to come in to inspect your vents and set up a regular maintenance and cleaning schedule for your vents. Proper maintenance of your commercial dryer vents can save you a lot of time and money, and it can prevent catastrophic events, such as fires, from shutting down your business.

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