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By: Patricia Strasser
In case you have pet cats and are scared that they might have been contaminated with Lyme disease, you need to know that the disease is passed on through the bite of the infected tick and will be prevented by keeping your cat away from infested areas or t(read entire article)
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By: Dani Mills
Are you planning to follow a low calorie diet plan in order to lose weight fat! Read this article to find out why low calorie diet plans don't work and the 2 things that you must keep in mind when trying to lose weight.(read entire article)
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By: Jon Dyer
Losing weight, gaining muscle and burning fat all have 2 things in common. Read those 2 secret commonalities here.(read entire article)
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By: Tim Westhall
Hypnosis is a wonderful and powerful mind relaxation technique that helps the brain become focused and more open to accepting hints and suggestions regarding positive changes in the way a person thinks. Professional hypnotists would make use of scripts hy(read entire article)
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By: Jon Dyer
Can you really get fat with a calorie counting diet? Yes, read this article which sets out how calorie counting diets can actually make you fat instead of lose weight.(read entire article)
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By: Aubrey Reeves
The first step to flattening out your tummy in just two weeks is to jump start your diet. Focus on eating five or six small meals each day, spaced about two to three hours apart. Eating frequently decreases fat storage, increases fat burning and naturally(read entire article)
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By: Aubrey Reeves
Everybody dreams of having a firm and tone butt that will look good in all clothing. In the summer, the desire for a toned butt becomes even greater when we spend so much time in skin-baring swimsuits that are completely unforgiving of any cellulite or fl(read entire article)
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By: Aubrey Reeves
Summer is here and it is time to start toning those arms. The sleeveless shirts and tank tops that are popular this season leave our arms exposed for the world to see. Many of us start the summer with less than tone arms and not ready to show them off. Yo(read entire article)
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By: Aubrey Reeves
Many women are uncomfortable with the size and shape of their thighs or their thighs' overall lack of tone, and choose to hide them under long skirts and pants. Shorts, mini skirts, and bathing suits all end up lost in the back of the closet. However, in (read entire article)
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By: Sanjib Ahmad
Why would I want to write about yet another fitness program? There are so many out there. There is no escape from fitness programs whether you watch (read entire article)
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